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Woodmansee’s Office Supply

By | Last Modified: December 27, 2019
Woodmansee’s in 2009. Built in 1899, the building was the original home of long-time local department store A.W. Lucas Company.

Woodmansee’s was a long-time office supply retailer and servicer. Competitor Fireside Office Solutions acquired Woodmansee’s in 2018, merging it into its own operations.

Woodmansee’s was founded in 1914. From 1929-2018, the store was located at 114 N 4th Street (the original home of long-time local department store A.W. Lucas)In 2018, they relocated to 1722 Mandan Avenue in Mandan shortly before Fireside Office Solutions acquired the company and merged the brands under the Fireside banner.

The store was co-owned by Harry Woodmansee and William Harris until the early 1930s, when Harris sold his interest. The Woodmansee’s continued family ownership until selling.

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