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Galleria Parking Ramp: Repair or Demolish?

Radisson Hotel in Downtown Bismarck
Galleria Ramp (foreground)

The Bismarck Parking Authority is considering whether to repair the deteriorating Galleria parking ramp or demolish it.

Built in 1982, the Galleria ramp’s condition has been declining for years. In 2007, major repairs were made after an operation removing planters damaged structural reinforcement tendons. Some of those tendons remain damaged today, preventing thirty parking spots from being usable.

Repairing the existing Galleria ramp would cost roughly $1-$2 million. By comparison, the much larger 6th Street ramp recently cost an estimated $13 million to construct. While repairs are feasible to the ramp’s structure, additional investment would also be needed to fully repair the support tendons.

A new, larger parking ramp is being discussed, to be built behind the existing Galleria ramp on vacant land along Main Avenue.

In addition, the nearby Parkade ramp – Bismarck’s oldest public parking structure – is also needing repairs, after already receiving $40,000 in temporary repairs to hold until permanent repairs can be complete.

The Galleria ramp is located between 6th and 7th Streets along Broadway Avenue. It is connected to the Radisson Hotel, who leases some of the ramp’s 282 spaces.

The Authority assures the public that both structures are safe to use.