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Hansen’s Mens Wear / Clothing

By | Last Modified: December 6, 2017

Hansen’s Mens Wear and Hansen’s Clothing are two separate, yet related clothiers.

Hansen’s Mens Wear

Hansen’s Mens Wear was established by Barry and David Hansen at Gateway Mall in 1979. It relocated within the mall before, again, relocating to Interstate Avenue in October 2009.

The venture expanded to include Petites For You and Lady Hansen, which were consolidated in 1993 before closing, temporarily, in 1995 and, permanently, in 2000. Its owners replaced Lady Hansen with a new concept store at Kirkwood Mall called Lindsey Marie’s.

Hansen’s Clothing

Hansen’s Clothing was a separate venture by Basil Hansen – father of Barry and David. It was established in Mott in about 1967. Locations later opened in Dickinson and at Northbrook Mall. In 1983, it converted the former Northwestern Bell warehouse at 300 S 5th Street to house its store (Sidelines Bar, as of 2017). It closed by 1985.

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