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Mid Dakota Clinic

By | Last Modified: November 9, 2019

Mid Dakota Clinic is primary care health facility. It formed in 1971 as the result of merging two other local clinics: Capital City and Missouri Valley. Despite its long-standing history of cooperation with nearby Saint Alexius, Sanford Health unsuccessfully attempted to acquire Mid Dakota Clinic, in a process that spanned between 2016-2019. The resulting acquisition would have merged the city’s two largest primary care clinics.

To this day, Mid Dakota still operates out of the former Missouri Valley Clinic on the northeast corner of 9th Street and Rosser Avenue, directly across the street from Saint Alexius hospital. The building was originally constructed in 1953 and completed a $3.2 million addition in 1992, which added a $2.4 million 30,000-square-foot wing to its east end and a skyway connecting to Saint Alexius.

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