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Bismarck Motor Hotel

By | Last Modified: February 3, 2018
Bismarck Motor Hotel prior to the fire

The Bismarck Motor Hotel is a long-time local lodging facility located at 2301 E Main Avenue.

Roy Synstegard originated the hotel in 1939 as a tourist camp with three cabins. It had grown to a modern motor hotel with 32 units by 1955, when he sold it to Alfred Retzlaff.

Much of the 1950s-era building was destroyed in a 2011 fire. A new hotel was erected in 2013.

Until the fire, the hotel was an iconic 1950s-era roadside motel noted for its retro sign featuring a star (pictured in this article). The new sign also incorporates a star, likely as a homage.

More recently, it has become designated as Bismarck Motor Motel, but Hotel was its long-time designation.

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