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New Hotel Planned For Former Bismarck Motor Hotel Site

Bismarck Motor Hotel (2010)

It was nearly two years ago that a devastating fire destroyed most of the Bismarck Motor Hotel, located on east Main Avenue in Bismarck. While some of that hotel did survive, a new proposal has been submitted to the City of Bismarck for a brand-new motel and storage units to be built on the site, tentatively called Main Avenue Motel & Storage Units.

Two proposals have now been submitted, one that would be built around the surviving building and one, the most recent plan, that would demolish what’s left of the iconic 1950s-style hotel. In either case, it would appear that a new motel will soon appear at this spot.

The January 24, 2011 fire that destroyed roughly 1/3 of Bismarck Motor Hotel was ruled accidental, but the actual cause was never determined. At the time, 55 people were staying at the motel – most of them long-term residents living at the motel. The fire was first reported at 4:30am. The hotel had first opened in or around 1951.

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UPDATE (2/17/2013): The finalized plan includes demolition of what remains of the Bismarck Motor Hotel to construct 3 new buildings. The new hotel will sport 80 rooms that feature kitchenettes as well as 56 rental garages, the Bismarck Tribune reports.