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"Bismarck Elementary Schools" Results

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    Richholt Elementary School
    Richholt was an early elementary school that was completed in 1920. Additions followed in 1950 and 1953....
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    Wachter Elementary School
    Wachter was an early elementary school constructed in 1918 on Bowen Avenue for $19,000. It originally housed...
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    Pioneer Elementary School
    Pioneer is an elementary school that was completed in 1954. Its name was chosen to honor Bismarck’s...
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    Northridge Elementary School
    Northridge is a Bismarck elementary school located near 3rd Street and Divide Avenue. It was completed in...
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    Roosevelt Elementary School
    The original Roosevelt School was completed in 1923 and dedicated in 1924. It was a modern brick building...
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    William Moore
    William Moore was the principal of the North Ward School, and later Will School, from 1895 to...
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    Will School
    The Will School was a school that served Bismarck from its construction in 1905 until December 1951....
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    North Ward School / William Moore School
    The North Ward School was built in 1884 on the site that now houses Will-Moore Elementary. It...