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North Ward School / William Moore School

By | Last Modified: November 28, 2017
North Ward School / William Moore School
North Ward School / William Moore School

The North Ward School was built in 1884 on the site that now houses Will-Moore Elementary. It was the second designated schoolhouse to be built in Bismarck, replacing the original two-room building located at the site now home to the Provident Building.

North Ward housed all grade levels until the completion of the city’s first designated high school building in 1912. The school was renamed William Moore School in 1918 after former Principal¬†William Moore.

The school’s original name came from its location in the north ward of Bismarck, at a time when the city was divided into three wards. North Ward/William Moore School, along with Will School, was replaced in 1951 by present-day Will-Moore Elementary, which was built on the same site of the North Ward/William Moore School.

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