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ND Supreme Court Hearing TIF Lawsuit November 3

Main Avenue Between 4th & 5th Streets

Downtown Bismarck

The hearing date for the long-pending TIF lawsuit filed against the City of Bismarck by local businessman Curly Haugland has been set for November 3.

Filed in 2010, the lawsuit involves the city’s use of funds collected in the downtown TIF district, which was established in 1979. District Judge Foughty dismissed the lawsuit last January. Haugland filed an appeal in March.

During this summer’s flooding, Haugland offered to dismiss his lawsuit against the City, contingent that some of the TIF funds would be directed towards helping finance the flood prevention efforts. The City declined, stating they wanted a final court ruling before spending the TIF funds.

Last month, the Bismarck City Commission voted in favor of sharing $9 million of the remaining TIF balance with other local entities. Approximately $8.8 million will remain in the TIF surplus, which is intended to be primarily used to construct a new parking ramp and institute a quiet rail zone, pending the lawsuit’s ruling.

Share your thoughts below of the TIF lawsuit or the TIF district in general.