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Los Molcajetes Replaces Arby’s at Kirkwood Mall

Los Molcajetes Inside Kirkwood Mall
Los Molcajetes

The long-time Arby’s location at Kirkwood Mall has shuttered. In its place, Los Molcajetes is nearly ready to open. Signage is up and the menu board is in the process of being replaced.

Los Molcajetes began as a food truck operating out of the mall’s parking lot. This new location inside the mall will remain open year-round, while the food truck will continue to operate seasonally.

There’s no confirmation as to why the Arby’s restaurant closed; however, numerous reports allege a spike in lease prices, along with difficulty obtaining sufficient staffing.

This was the second location inside the mall for Arby’s, and the first location to open in Bismarck nearly two decades ago. The first location was near Herberger’s. There two other current Arby’s locations remain open in Bismarck.