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The District (Lucky Ducks Deli, J60, Avery’s Eatery)

By | Last Modified: June 18, 2018
Lucky Ducks Deli and The Pond Restaurants in 2014

The District was a collection of eating and entertainment establishments centered at 307 N 3rd Street that included Lucky Ducks Deli, J60, Avery’s A.M. Eatery, LilliPad, and Vault Events.

The establishment began solely as Lucky Ducks Deli, which replaced Space Aliens BBQ Pit in 2012. The Pond was added in 2014, expanding the building to the south on a lot previously used for patio seating. The District concept debuted in 2016, adding J60, Avery’s, and others while expanding into the adjacent space that held Corwin-Churchill Appliance for decades.

The District received more than $400,000 in Renaissance Zone funding to renovate and expand its buildings.

The District shuttered abruptly in June 2018, mere months after authorities conducted an overnight drug raid at the establishment.

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