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Mini Mart/Loaf N’ Jug/Best Stop

By | Last Modified: May 5, 2018

Mini Mart was a chain of convenience stores owned by national chain Kroger.

Numerous Mini Mart locations once operated in Bismarck-Mandan. The first was at 1010 E Main Street in Mandan, followed by its anchoring of Eastdale Shopping Center at 2600 E Rosser Avenue in 1980 (now Loaf N’ Jug).

Some of its locations, including that at 19th Street and Capitol, diversified to offer liquor and video rentals.

From 2000-2002, all but two Mini Mart locations closed. The two remaining switched to Kroger’s Loaf N’ Jug brand and (as of 2018) still operate.

Best Stop

Two others re-opened in 2003 independently as Best Stop before again closing.

The first closure, at 1101 E Interstate Avenue, closed in 2008 following a gas leak that contaminated both the station and neighbor restaurant. The leak was discovered in the fall of 2007, when a nearby restaurant (presumably China Star) discovered gasoline in its sump pump. A leak was located and repaired. The leak was reportedly small and contained. The contaminating spill was allegedly stemming from a prior incident. In either case, the building was demolished to ease in cleanup efforts.

The second, at 1320 E Boulevard, closed in 2013 citing insufficient business.

Current Locations

  • 2600 E Rosser (opened 1980; now Loaf N’ Jug)
  • 2835 N Washington Street [Century Mall] (now Loaf N’ Jug)

Former Locations

  • 1910 E Capitol Avenue¬†(closed in 2000, now First Steps Learning Center)
  • 1101 East Interstate Avenue near I-94/Hwy 83 interchange (closed 2002; 2003-2008 as Best Stop)
  • 1320 E Boulevard (1989-2002; 2003-2013 as Best Stop; now La Tejana)
  • 1035 S Washington (closed in 2000)
  • 1010 E Main (Mandan)

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