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W.W. Noodles / Prairie Schooner

By | Last Modified: December 3, 2017

W.W. Noodles was an Italian-style restaurant at Kirkwood Mall operated by the Wachter Family.

The restaurant replaced the Wachters’ previous eatery, Prairie Schooner, which operated in the space from 1981-1984. Schooner was an original tenant of Kirkwood Phase II expansion.

W.W. Noodles shuttered only months later, in November or December 1984. Prudential Life, who acquired Kirkwood Mall from the Wachter Trust in 1981, later sued the Wachters for breaking its lease. The suit sought $99,458 in unpaid back rent, plus $19,074 in additional rent and $7,104 per month after.

Shades Nightclub was housed in the space from 1986-1994. Scheels expanded into the space in 1995.

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