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A&B Pizza

By | Last Modified: October 17, 2018
A&B Pizza & Bob’s Photo

A&B Pizza is a long-time local pizzeria with four locations. The restaurant also serves non-pizza items, including tacos, hamburgers, and Fleishkuecle (a local German favorite).

A&B is recognized by many locals as the best pizza in Bismarck-Mandan, a distinction it also received when its House Special was named the best pizza in North Dakota by Food Network Magazine in 2011. It is also particularly known for its Taco and Sauerkraut pizza offerings.

Alvin Heier and Barb Barth founded A&B in April 1969 next to then-King’s Food Host (now The Woodhouse), where Cost Cutters is now located.

The original Bismarck location was later relocated and second restaurant added, in southern Bismarck.

The Mandan restaurant opened in 1973 at 422 W Main Street. It relocated to its current location at 609 1st Street NE in 1978.

A Dickinson restaurant temporarily existed inside the city’s Wheel-A-While, between 1978 and about 1985.

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