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Gizzmoz Pizzeria & Video

By | Last Modified: May 5, 2018

Gizzmoz was a local pizzeria, video rental, and party favor store at Arrowhead Plaza. The business, which operated from 1992-1995, was owned and operated by Tim Pudwill, who also owned Plaza Beer Depot.

Gizzmoz was a unique concept that combined a pizzeria with video rentals and party merchandise. In addition to the traditional pizza delivery service, Gizzmoz offered free video delivery any any food order exceeding $6. Renters could return videos at local Pony Express Food stores in addition to Gizzmoz itself.

According to a August 1995 Bismarck Tribune article, Pudwill closed Gizzmos due to time constraints.

Soon after its closure, the former Gizzmoz space was taken over by The Walrus.

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