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Kirkwood Ace Hardware / Hardware Hank

By | Last Modified: May 23, 2018
Ace Hardware & Party America, Formerly True Value

Kirkwood Ace Hardware has been a local hardware store for many years. Originally known as Kirkwood OK Hardware, then as Kirkwood Hardware Hank, the store originated at 421 S 3rd Street, in about 1974. Current owner Jeff Hinz purchased the store in 1990 (one source says 1989). He was previously manager of the store.

The hardware store changed affiliation to Ace in 1998.

The building that has housed Kirkwood Ace Hardware since 2007 was built in 1990 to house Friendly True Value. The Bismarck True Value had actually closed once before, but later reopened prior to permanently going out of business in September 2006.

The building that housed Ace Hardware/Hardware Hank on 3rd Street is now home to Easter Seals Goodwill Store.

Another Ace Hardware store, Anderson Ace, which first opened in 1938. The store relocated in the 1950s, where it remained until closing in 1996.

A Hardware Hank also previously opened at Northbrook Mall, in 1977. The store evolved into Jerry’s Trustworthy Hardware and Keller’s Trustworthy Hardware before closing in 1990.

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