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Bismarck Cities

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    Sam’s Club abruptly shutters numerous locations
    In a stunning move, Sam’s Club is closing numerous locations across the country seemingly without notice, including...
    Posted by Randy Hoffman (admin) 1 week ago
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    Q&R Clinic / Bismarck Hospital / Medcenter One / Sandford Health
    Established in 1902, Q&R Clinic is the nation’s second-oldest surviving clinic (behind Mayo Clinic). Doctors Eric P....
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    Ressler’s Cafe
    Ressler’s Cafe was a long-time Bismarck eatery. Nick and Dan Ressler established the restaurant at 210 N...
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    Boulevard Plaza
    Boulevard Plaza is a small neighborhood shopping center located at 1310 and 1306 E Boulevard Ave. Current...
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    KBMY-TV is the local ABC affiliate station. It is owned by Fargo’s Forum Communications, who also owns...
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    Santa’s Surplus Toy and Gift Outlet
    Santa’s Surplus Toy and Git Outlet was a locally-owned seasonal toy store. The store only operated around the...
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    W.W. Noodles / Prairie Schooner
    W.W. Noodles was an Italian-style restaurant at Kirkwood Mall operated by the Wachter Family. The restaurant replaced the...
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    A&B Pizza
    A&B Pizza is a long-time local pizzeria with four locations. The restaurant also serves non-pizza items, including tacos,...
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    Dennis Hannifin
    Dennis (Denny) Hannifin (known by the nicknames “Eccentric Denny” and the “Squatter Governor”) was an early Bismarck pioneer,...
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    Clyde The Bear
    Clyde was an Alaskan Kodiak bear housed at the Dakota Zoo from 1965 until his death on...
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    Hi-Way Motel
    Hi-Way Motel was a long-time lodging facility located at 6319 E Main Ave, just east of Bismarck city...
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    Hillside Motel
    Hillside Motel was a long-time lodging facility located at 1601 N 12th Street, on the southeast corner...