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    Bank of North Dakota (BND)
    The Bank of North Dakota (BND) is the nation’s only current state-owned bank. It occupied the former...
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    Belle Mehus Auditorium
    Belle Mehus Auditorium is an auditorium located in downtown Bismarck, best known as the home of the Bismarck-Mandan...
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    Best Products Retail Store
    Best Products, popularly known as “BEST,” is a defunct national discount catalog retailer who maintained a Bismarck...
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    Bill Sorensen
    Bill Sorensen is a politician, businessman, sports agent, and entertainer. Sorensen was the youngest person ever elected...
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    Bismarck Big Boy Restaurant
    Bismarck’s Big Boy Restaurant (previously known as McDowell’s Big Boy) is an iconic fast food drive-through restaurant...
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    Bismarck Bowling Center
    Bismarck Bowling Center was a local bowling alley that operated in Bismarck for decades. Joe and Helen...
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    Bismarck Education
    Bismarck is home to a diverse mix of educational institutions, including private and public. Numerous higher education...
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    Bismarck Event Center (Civic Center)
    The Bismarck Event Center (formerly Bismarck Civic Center) is a 10,100-capacity civic arena and exhibit center that hosts such...
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    Bismarck Grocery Company / Civic Square Building
    Founded in 1902, the Bismarck Grocery Company was the region’s main grocery distributor for many years. The...
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    Bismarck High School
    Bismarck High School (BHS) is a public secondary school serving grades 9-12. The current building opened in 1935...
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    Bismarck Motor Hotel
    The Bismarck Motor Hotel is a long-time local lodging facility located at 2301 E Main Avenue. Roy...
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    Bismarck Parks and Recreation
    Bismarck Parks and Recreation is the city’s official park system governing board. It was established as the...