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Arthur W Lucas

By | Last Modified: May 5, 2017

Arthur W. Lucas was a prominent businessman and congressman, who is best known for cofounding the department store A.W. Lucas & Company. Lucas also served various roles in local politics, including serving as mayor from 1913-1921. Lucas passed away on September 27, 1923. The department store which bore his name was opened in 1899 as a partnership with William O’hara, who sold his interest in 1902.

A.W. Lucas & Company became one of Bismarck’s leading retailers, competing on the same line as national retailers J.C. Penney and Sears. The store’s main local competitor, Webb Brothers, actually donated money to Lucas at the time he launched his store, believing the increased competition would be beneficial to both parties. A.W. Lucas & Company became an original anchor at Gateway Mall in 1979, however closed not long after.

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