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Gourmet House Restaurant

By | Last Modified: November 21, 2017
Gourmet House Restaurant
Gourmet House Restaurant

Gourmet House was a highly rated restaurant with locations in both Bismarck and Mandan. Marcus Fleck first opened the restaurant on the Mandan Strip as Fleck House Supper Club in 1958. It became Gourmet House after Bob & Eileen Clifford purchased the restaurant the following year, in 1959.

Gourmet House received numerous awards, and was the first restaurant in North Dakota to be recognized with a four star rating in Holiday Magazine. Gourmet House also received a Gold Seal Award from the National Restaurant Association in 1967, and was once featured in the New York Times.

Gourmet House ended operations on June 30, 1989. The restaurant was later sold and reopened in January 1990 before shuttering again, for the last time, in September of that year. The former Mandan location now houses a funeral home, who occupied the building in 1991.

Gourmet House was known for its “nine spice” seasoning called Gourmet House Seasoning, which is now sold and distributed by the Clifford’s daughter.

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