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Measure 2 Defeated

Vote No Measure 2

Final results are still being tallied, but Measure 2, the controversial constitutional amendment that would have eliminated property taxes in North Dakota, appears to have been defeated by a large margin.

As of 9:19pm, with only 29 of 426 precincts reporting, the vote was 79.31% No, 20.69% Yes. AP has officially called Measure 2 defeated.

Supporters of Measure 2 had argued that property taxes were unfair and that property owners never truly owned their property, forever leasing it from the government.

Opposition to the measure was wide, with nearly all major professional groups and organizations opposing it. Common concern over the measure had included less local control, higher overall taxes, and lost local revenue, among others.

I, for one, am extremely happy with the result of Measure 2’s defeat. I have been publicly against Measure 2 since March 2010 and repeated my concerns last month.

Other results are still too close to 100% call, but as of 10:23pm with 294 of 426 precincts reporting:

Measure 1 – Yes: 60%; No: 40%
Measure 2 – Yes: 22%; No: 78%
Measure 3 – Yes: 36%; No: 64%
Measure 4 – Yes: 67%; No: 33%

Mandan Results:

Bismarck Results:

Morton County Results:

Burleigh County Results:

Statewide Results:

UPDATE (10:23pm): AP has called Measure 3 with 64% voting No, and Measure 4 with 67% voting Yes