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New Website Lists Local Bar Specials

It’s a Thursday afternoon and deciding where to have a relaxing drink with a friend has become the decision of the day. If only there was a website listing all the drink specials in town this would be so much easier. Oh wait, there is! is a local website that provides the convenience of a one-stop shop for drink specials at Bismarck-Mandan area restaurants and bars. Also,’s Facebook page provides daily updates of selected specials and bar events. At last, Bismarck-Mandan has a website not only for the avid bar-hopper and for anyone who is looking to have a casual drink.

For the past five months a friend and I have been collecting the area’s drink specials and creating the website. Why are we doing this you might ask? Well, when you are two young men who spend enough time at local establishments, you have to think about such things. If this national recession has taught us anything, it’s how to be thrifty and heaven forbid we should pay full price for a drink at a bar!

Why did it take us so long? Well, it’s not that we aren’t ambitious, we’re just slow. We collected specials from about 50 establishments and that’s not even near all the places that serve alcohol in Bismarck-Mandan. So far we have limited ourselves to bars and some restaurants with bars. That’s not to say we won’t move onto other establishments in the future. (We know those hotel lounges have some pretty good deals and can get fairly rowdy at times)!

How does the website work? Don’t worry, we kept it simple. Start by taking a look at our list of establishments on the “Bars” page to discover information about specific bars and restaurants like location (with map), their happy hour specials and daily specials. Then satisfy your thirst by discovering all (or close to all) of the area’s drink specials with the “Daily Specials” and “Happy Hours” pages. Next, find out what’s happening in town, when and where, by visiting our “Events” page.

So if you need help deciding where to tip one or two back, bookmark the NEW and add us to Facebook! If you are a local restaurant or bar looking to post your prices or change content, contact us! Our contact information is listed on the website. This website is a work in progress, so whether you are a bar owner or patron, please let us know if you catch any inaccuracies. By the way, we do this all for FREE, so don’t be too hard on us! Yeah, we’re soaks, we know it… Oh and while your at it, check out our sister site in Fargo-Moorhead at

-Article written by Michael Quinn of, posted by permission.

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