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BisManCafe Site Improvements

I am pleased to announce the completion of several big improvements to BisManCafe, including the biggest design change in over two years. Some older browsers may not properly display all improvements.

New Design & Layout

For the first time since October 2010, BisManCafe has been completely overhauled with the biggest design change since its current incarnation replaced its predecessor, Included with the new layout are easy social sharing icons and a tabbed sidebar widget containing the latest posts, most popular posts, and recent comments.

Mobile Friendly

The site’s new design is much more mobile friendly, which is responsive to most mobile devices and tablets. Most mobile devices will also display a mobile-friendly¬†menu bar for easier navigation. In addition to the responsive layout, the mobile version of the site is less graphic-intensive to improve load time and decrease memory usage.

Fixed Menu Bar

The site now features a fixed menu bar that is always visible no matter how far down you scroll.

News Ticker

The desktop and tablet versions of the site now feature a news ticker near the top of each page so you can view the latest news with ease.

Bread Crumb Navigation

Now it’s easier than ever to know where you’re at on the site and you can also easily backtrack your location with breadcrumb navigation appearing on most pages directly above the article.

Greater Focus On News

The new site has been designed with news in mind. The homepage now features local news from all local media outlets and the site itself is committed to increasing its own story count. The Community section is now separated from the news-focused homepage.