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United Way Considers Uses For Saxvik Elementary Building

The Bismarck School Board announced via the BPS website that they have received a letter of interest for the Saxvik Elementary building, which the district intends to close following this school year.

The letter came from United Way, who intends to use the facility to establish a Family Success Center, which would provide affordable after-school care and other services. Other potential uses outlined include “a preschool, day care, mentoring programs, parenting classes, family coaches, and job training.”

The building would also provide space to pack and store the United Way Backpacks that are sent home weekly to more than 780 local students and their families.

According to the announcement, the intent is to “repurpose Saxvik in a way that adds value to the neighborhood.”

About Saxvik

Opened in 1952 at a cost of $133,862, it is one of the oldest school buildings in the district. Bismarck High School, whose current building opened in 1935, is the oldest. Will-More is the district’s oldest elementary building, having been built in 1950-1951.

The school was named after H.O. Saxvik, who served as the district superintendent for 20 years and passed away the year the school opened.

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