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Rasmussen College Closing Bismarck Campus

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Rasmussen College has announced plans to shutter its Bismarck campus and consolidate its North Dakota operations in Fargo. The campus will shutter in November when its lease expires.

According to an article in the Bismarck Tribune, 93% of its local students are attending classes online and not utilizing the physical building. The only students directly impacted by the Bismarck campus’s closure are those attending the residential medical assisting program, which only account for 10 students – who will be allowed to complete the 15-month program prior to the closure.

About Rasmussen College

The Bismarck campus opened in 2003 as Aakers Business College. In 2007, the Aakers name was officially retired and rebranded as Rasmussen College, who had owned Aakers since 1998.

Aakers College began in Fargo, North Dakota in 1902 as a business trade school. Aakers opened their second campus in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1905. The Fargo location was sold in 1912, with Grand Forks remaining the only Aakers location for decades. Rasmussen College purchased Aakers in 1998 and soon after moved the campus from Grand Forks back to Fargo.

Rasmussen College is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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