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Mandan’s Two Proposals For Collins & Main On Hold

Earlier this month, Mandan announced that they had received two offers for the lot located in the northeast corner of Collins & Main Avenue. But now, as Mandan News reports, the City has put those offers on hold and requested that each prospect come together to consider a joint plan.

One offer came from BNC National Bank, who wishes to open its first Mandan branch. BNC has suggested that the building would closely resemble its Bismarck branch on Century Avenue. The bank would be 3,000-3,500 square feet and include a courtyard dedicated to the namesake of Collins Avenue – Father Collins.

The other proposal came from Dakota Commercial & Development, Community Contractors Inc., and JLG Architects, who plan to construct a four-story mixed-use property that would include up to 30 residential units as well as commercial space. The three companies have partnered together for other recent Mandan housing projects.

One key difference in each proposal, other than their intended uses, is that BNC’s offer does not seek a tax incentive, whereas the mixed-use proposal is seeking tax incentives.

More discussion and consideration is expected to commence sometime in December.