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Saint Mary’s Church & Cemetery

By | Last Modified: May 5, 2017

Saint Mary’s is the region’s oldest parish, based out of the historic Saint Mary’s Church, built in 1898. The parish’s first church was built in 1875 at the corner of Main Avenue and Mandan Street.

Saint Mary’s Cemetery is also Bismarck’s oldest cemetery, established in 1878. It contains many of Bismarck’s most notable people.

List of notable individuals buried at Saint Mary’s:

Name: Noted For:
Alexander McKenzie Political boss who ruled politics for several decades, noted for moving capital of Dakota Territory from Yankton to Bismarck, also served as sheriff
Arthur Lucas Cofounder of A.W. Lucas & Company, a local department store that served Bismarck from 1898-1980
Philip Meyer Founder of KFYR – husband to Etta Hoskins-Meyer
Etta Hoskins-Meyer Founder of Hoskins-Meyer, now a floral shop, originally a dry goods and stationery store – wife of Philip Meyer
Grant Marsh Steamboat captain, namesake of Grant Marsh (I-94) Bridge
Burt Finney Founder of Finney Drug, a local drugstore that served for several decades
Paul H. Wachter Responsible for the construction of Kirkwood Mall and other major buildings
Charles Wachter School board member, namesake of original Wachter School

Entrance to Saint Mary's Cemetary

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