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North Bismarck Burger King Closes; Owner Seeking New Location

Burger King Logo

The Burger King location positioned as an outlout for Gateway Fashion Mall in north Bismarck has closed. The location had opened in 1992 – the 3rd Burger King in the region.

UPDATE: According to KX News, the owner’s lease had expired after 20 years and was not renewed. The owner is seeking a new location.

Possible Replacements

There’s been no word on what will replace Burger King in its highly visible location off one of the region’s busiest streets. A bank or other fast-food outlet would be most probable given the space restraints. One idea I heard – parking for Paradiso – isn’t a bad idea either.

As for fast-food outlets, Culver’s would be towards the top of the likely list, having maintained locations in Fargo and Grand Forks for some time now. Sonic, which has locations in all neighboring states and, according to its website, has an existing contract in place for North Dakota might also be possible; however, the lot may not be big enough.

Where might another Burger King location open? My top guess would be near the north Wal-Mart, but that’s only a guess.