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Pizza Factory

By | Last Modified: November 16, 2017

Pizza Factory was a local pizzeria and ice cream shop that operated two stints, from 1984-1990 and from 1991-1992. Its long-standing Interstate Loop location also boasted a kids arcade.

Pizza Factory replaced Bismarck’s local Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor franchises, the first of which previously opened in 1977.

Happy Joe’s to Pizza Factory

Pizza Factory was founded in 1984 when its owners chose to drop the Happy Joe’s franchise, replacing all three Happy Joe’s in Bismarck-Mandan while also adding a new carry-out only location at Northbrook Mall. As cited by its owners at the time, the change stemmed from lack of corporate direction of Happy Joe’s.

The former Happy Joe’s locations were converted from carry-out to full service while also adding beer.

At the time of the name change, Bismarck’s locations were at 1420 Interstate Loop and at the corner of Bismarck Expressway and South 12th Street. Mandan’s was located at 606 NE 1st Street. Soon after, all locations except that at Interstate Loop closed, beginning with the location in south Bismarck.

New Ownership & Closure

The last-standing Pizza Factory location closed in 1990, only to re-open under new ownership a few months later (as M&M Pizza Factory). It closed a final time in 1992. The building was later taken over by Rent-All. Today, the building houses Hebron Brick Supply.

Happy Joe’s Today


A separate, unaffiliated, Happy Joe’s location later returned to Bismarck, where it remains today.

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