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James (Jim) Glatt

By | Last Modified: December 27, 2019

James (Jim) Glatt is a local entrepreneur and restaurateur.

Glatt is perhaps best known as the long-time owner of Kroll’s Kitchen, acquiring it with a business partner in May 1972.

He was also an initial partner in Bismarck-Mandan Hardee’s restaurants, before selling to a Minneapolis firm in 1979. That same year, Glatt purchased Little Cottage Cafe. He sold his interest in the cafe in 1981.

The Glatts owned the Kuilman’s Motel from 1974 until its closure in 1985 or 1986.

In 1992, Glatt purchased the existing Wendy’s franchises in Minot and Bismarck. At some point, Glatt also obtains an ownership stake in Kirkwood Bank & Trust.

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