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Furniture Plaza / Furniture First

By | Last Modified: December 12, 2017

Furniture Plaza was a long-time furniture retailer located on the 200 West block of Mandan’s Main Street.

The store originated in 1981 as Furniture First. Patrick Schleicher Jr. established the retailer for just $5,000.

In 2001, the store was re-branded Furniture Plaza. It then encompassed four historic buildings (built in the 1890s) and was positioned as a furniture mall, similar to Furniture Row, housing four distinct sub-stores: Classic Oak, Sleep Center, Leather Collection, and Rooms For You.

Furniture Plaza closed on January 1, 2003, citing a “personal health problem” of its owner as cause.

In 2005, the City of Mandan purchased the buildings for $289,000 as part of a decades-long diesel spill cleanup effort. The building was located near the thickest part of the contamination and deemed unsalvageable. The site is now Mandan Place Apartments.

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  1. Ryan S.

    December 14, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    I remember back in the day me and my co-workers at Staples in Bismarck visiting with Patrick Schleicher (Jr.) back when I used to work at Staples in 1999, he was a frequent customer of the store, usually to get supplies for his store and such. He was a really nice fellow, good people as they say :). The last time I saw him was at Staples, and I noticed his hands were quite shaky and trembling–he told all of us there that he was diagnosed and suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (which more than likely led to his closing of the store). That was the last time I ever saw him, I hope he’s OK and doing well. I wish him the best.

    I remember his store quite well–one time I stopped in to look around, and amongst all of the furniture on display, there was one small section that had a stack of used 8-track tapes and 45 rpm records!! I purchased a few of them, including a 45 of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”, and a 8-track of Johnny Cash’s “At Folsom Prison”. 🙂

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