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Scotty’s Drive-in: Show-N-Shine

Image uploaded on June 12, 2010

Show-N-Shine classic car show outside Scotty’s Drive-in.

Once a regional chain, Scotty’s Drive-in has been in Bismarck since 1965. The Scotty’s building expanded in 1985 to, for the first time, include indoor seating. Scotty’s serves a standard fast food menu, cooked fresh. One of Scotty’s most famous menu offerings is the Rebel Burger, named after local KFYR radio personality “Ol’ Reb” Jack Fisher. The Bismarck location is one of only a couple survivors of the chain.

Scotty’s changed hands in 2007 after a 35-year ownership by the Roehrichs. The new owners, David and Nancy Turner, have made several renovations, including replacing the original sign. A drive-through was added in 2008, around which time they also tested breakfast service.

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