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Weather Déjà Vu

This storm really has that feeling of déjà vu. Winter seems to be heading out like it arrived, with a repeat storm much like that seen on November 5-7. Just as the November 2008 storm, this recent winter storm also started with rain and thunder, and turned into heavy snow and wind.

Making things worse, of course, is the widespread flooding across the state. Entire cities across the region have been evacuated do to severe flooding, and it is now being felt in Bismarck-Mandan. Apple Creek, Heart River, and the Missouri River are all seeing flooding, forcing mandatory evacuations at Fox Island and the Marina Bay area.

More than 80 inches of snow has fallen across Bismarck-Mandan this season, nearing the all-time record of 101.4 inches set in 1997. This has been the wettest winter in over a decade, and Mother Nature seems to be making up for it.

Whether Bismarck hits the all-time record or not, this winter is one for the history books.

  • The season’s first major snowstorm began on November 5, when thunderstorms turned to snow, dumping a total of 9.4 inches.
  • Bismarck Public Schools cancelled school for the first time since April 1997.
  • December 2008 snowiest month of all-time, with 33.3 inches.
  • 1 degree away from all-time coldest temperature recorded in Bismarck, at -44 degrees.
  • Rain fell on the region on February 9 & 10, less than one month from nearly reaching all-time lowest temperature recorded.
  • Widespread flooding seen beginning Mid-March, forcing evacuation of entire cities, and certain parts of Bismarck.
  • Thunderstorms once again lead into a major blizzard beginning on March 23 – adding more precipitation to the region.

Hopefully this storm will be the last of the season, however some sources point to another storm lurking on the horizon. Bismarck is less than 20 inches from the snowiest season of all time. Will we reach it?

December 2008 saw more snow than any other month.On top of the snow, we’ve seen rain several times this winter.