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Thrifty White Drug Is Going Too Far

Thrifty White Drug is located in the Parkade downtown.A recent article posted in the Bismarck Tribune has revealed an e-mail sent out by a Thrifty White Drug executive to pharmacists of the regional drug chain with a disturbing message. In the email, employees were told that unless they oppose repealing the pharmacy ownership law, they will not see raises this year.

Other statements in the executive’s email were also questionable, including a statement that read, “For those of you who have failed so miserably in this cause, reward will be based upon cooperation and performance.”

It is a personal choice whether or not to support a law, and employees cannot be punished for their opinion on such a law. There is no law saying a company has to grant raises at all, but granting them to only those who support a law is not right. The tone of the email is not acceptable either.

I suspect many employees will look for other jobs following this, and that some customers may be turned away. Thrifty White has been a well-respected company across North Dakota for many years, but this conduct now casts serious doubt on the company’s ethical practices.

Clearly Thrifty White is concerned about increased competition should the law be repealed, and responding irrationally to the situation. The company is one of only two chain drugstores in the state (the other being CVS/pharmacy) and has locations in all major cities, where national chains would most likely build.

Amusingly enough, Thrifty White has been one of the leading opponents of the repeal, claiming it will destroy locally owned pharmacies, of which Thrifty White itself does not classify.

This desperate attempt at coercion is appalling and disgraceful.

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