North Dakota Blue Law / Sunday Opening Law

By on November 30, 2012

All North Dakota retailers must observe a current state law that restricts the types of goods and services that can be sold on a Sunday. The law has been in effect since North Dakota was admitted as a state and has remained unchanged since 1991.

In February 1991, the state legislation approved to lessen the restrictions of the Sunday opening law, also known as a blue law, allowing most businesses to operate on Sundays, but no earlier than Noon. Prior to this, most businesses had to remain closed from Midnight on Sunday until Midnight on Monday.

1967 had seen the first big change to the law, partially in response to major controversary in the aftermath of the March 1966 Blizzard. The changes better defined which businesses were exempt from the law, which included restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, hospitals, telephone and transportation services, ice manufacturing, tourist attractions, and public performances.

Even with the lifted restrictions, there are still some businesses that cannot operate on Sundays, including car dealerships.

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