Bismarck-Mandan Shopping & Retail

Kirkwood Mall North Entrance

Bismarck-Mandan is the largest retail hub of central and western North Dakota, second in the state only to Fargo-Moorehead. Bismarck is home to nearly every national chain, in addition to many locally owned stores. Three major shopping centers serve Bismarck: Kirkwood Mall, Gateway Mall, and Pinehurst Square. Downtown Bismarck also continues to thrive, long beyond the last national retailers departing the district.

Sunday Opening Law / Blue Law
Most North Dakota retailers must observe a current state law that restricts the types of goods and services that could be sold on a Sunday. The law has been in effect since before North Dakota was admitted as a state, and was last revised in 1991. The current version of the law restricts most businesses from operating before Noon each Sunday. [READ MORE]

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