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Terra Vallee

By | Last Modified: January 18, 2019

Terra Vallee was a real estate development company. A housing development in northwest Mandan, southeast of the Seven Seas hotel, bares its name and it was was also the tentative name for a planned shopping center to be located nearby, northeast of the Sunset Drive interchange with Interstate 94 – on or near the present-day site of Walmart.

The Terra Vallee shopping center was announced in 1980, after more than two years of planning. When announced, it was to span 163,000 square feet and be anchored by a grocery store, tentatively a Super Valu, and a confirmed 72,897-square foot Kmart store – complimenting the existing Bismarck Kmart store.

Planning continued into 1982, when the Mandan City Commission granted the development a three-year property tax break totaling an estimated $74,300.

In May 1983, a joint application with the City of Mandan for $945,000 in federal community development grant money was rejected. Kmart and Super Valu also both backed out of the project. The project remained on life support for several months, but never materialized.

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