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Sioux Sporting Goods

By | Last Modified: February 2, 2018

Sioux Sporting Goods was a long-time local sporting goods retailer.

H.A. Jones, Dr. J.O. Thorson, Jack Harris, and Everrett LaFrance originated the store in March 1946. The Thompson family acquired the operation in 1953 and maintained ownership until its closure in the summer of 1998.

The store remodeled in 1980 and 1996.


For much of its existence, Sioux Sports was a multi-level store located at 510 East Broadway Avenue. The historic building was originally an Annex to the Patterson Hotel. Medcenter One acquired the property in 1999, who razed it in 2000 and turned it into parking.

Sioux Sporting Goods began at 206 Broadway Avenue. It moved to 114 N 5th Street before its long-time home at 510 E Broadway Avenue.

Related Ventures

The Thompsons co-founded a cooperative buying group that consisted of 350 store across 40 states, as of 1998.

The Thompsons also owned Sioux Cycles in Mandan, which continued after the sporting goods store closed.

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