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Hancock Fabrics (Northwest Fabrics & Crafts)

By | Last Modified: October 12, 2018
Hancock Fabrics at Gateway Fashion Mall
Hancock Fabrics at Gateway Fashion Mall

Hancock Fabrics was a national fabric and craft retailer from 1957-2016 that maintained a local store for decades.

The local store originated as Northwest Fabrics (adding Crafts as of 1987), a separate retail chain owned by Wisconsin-based Peavey Company that was founded in 1963. Its grand opening was held on January 22, 1976 at 2504 N 14th Street.

North Carolina-based Silas Creek Retail L.P. acquired Northwest Fabrics & Crafts from ConAgra in 1996. Silas filed for bankrupty the following year, when Hancock Fabrics acquired 48 Northwest stores. The stores operated as Hancock-Northwestern for some time after.

Hancock itself went out of business in 2016.

Locations existed at 2504 N 14th, 1414 Interstate Loop, and Gateway Mall.

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