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Patterson Hotel / McKenzie Hotel Picture

Image uploaded on December 27, 2009

Opened New Year’s Day, 1911 as the McKenzie Hotel and officially renamed Patterson in 1927, the building is well-known for its continued construction that lasted nearly 30 years, ultimately growing from its initial 7 stories to 10 stories. The Patterson Hotel was also known for its political connections, serving as headquarters for the Nonpartisan League.

The Patterson Hotel secretly served alcohol during prohibition, and had even installed an electronic alarm system to keep out “unwanted guests”. It was also host to illegal gambling, and rumored to house prostitutes. Rumors also exist that an underground tunnel once connected the hotel with the train depot located across the street.

The hotel closed in the late 1970s and the aging building was condemned in 1980, at which time it underwent major renovation. Today, the former hotel rooms now house Patterson Place Senior Apartments and the lobby houses Peacock Alley Bar & Grill.

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