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Bistro: An American Cafe

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100 years later, what was once a carriage house is now this region’s finest eatery. The creative combination of Grecian style goddesses and art, cherry wood adornments, and gold-hued, roughly textured walls provide old-world warmth with up-town trendiness.

The Bistro – An American Café was established in November of 1996 by Dona Rockstad. This cleverly crafted café was recently purchased by Gerard Schmidt, Bismarck, ND, native.

The Bistro defines the difference between eating and dining. Widely known for its regional Italian cuisine and modern dishes cooked over red oak on an open grill, the Bistro truly offers unique menu items that go beyond what others can only claim to provide.

Our goal is to provide each of our guests with warm, friendly hospitality and the finest food in the region.

Eat well, laugh often, live long!