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Response to Pharmacy Ownership Bill Vote

After months of advertising, debates, and heavy anticipation from both sides, North Dakota senators voted 57-35 against repealing the current pharmacy ownership law, enacted in 1963.

Clearly the majority of North Dakota’s state senators are not for the common citizens, but instead filling their own pocketbooks with bribes from their pharmacist cohorts. By their own admittance, they have been inundated with phone calls and emails urging them to vote for the repeal, and chose to ignore those pleas. Clearly most North Dakotans want to see this law repealed.

By voting against this law, many North Dakotans will continue to go out of state to obtain their prescriptions, handing important tax revenue to neighboring states. Many of our local pharmacies now hold monopolies on the cities they serve, and this bill would have ended that. Competition keeps everything in check, and is necessary.

If these senators were complaining about the amount of messages they had before, just wait until now, after they chose to ignore the needs of the people they represent. I commend those 35 senators who voted for the repeal, and applaud them for standing up for what was right.

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