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    Bismarck Big Boy Restaurant
    Bismarck’s Big Boy Restaurant (previously known as McDowell’s Big Boy) has been a popular local fast food icon...
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    A&W Rootbeer Restaurant
    A&W Rootbeer is a national franchised fast food chain that originated as a drive-in-style restaurant. Several local...
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    Little Cottage Cafe
    The Little Cottage Cafe is a long-time restaurant located at 2513 E Main Avenue, next to Big Boy....
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    Ressler’s Cafe
    Ressler’s Cafe was a long-time Bismarck eatery. Nick and Dan Ressler established the restaurant at 210 N...
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    Harley McDowell
    Harley McDowell (?-2001) was a local businessman who, in 1954, established the Bismarck Boy Big restaurant and only...
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    1945-1959: Post-War Boom
    Following World War II, Bismarck experienced significant growth and development. Its population nearly doubled from 1940 to...
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    Wachter Family
    The Wachters are a prominent Bismarck family that have made a tremendous impact on many of the...
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    Scotty’s Drive-in
    Opened in September 1964, Scotty’s Drive-in is reportedly the third-oldest continuously operating restaurant in Bismarck (behind Broadway...
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    McDowell Dam Recreation Area
    McDowell Dam is a manmade recreation area located east of Bismarck, about one mile north of the...
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    1871-1872: Establishment
    Bismarck was founded as the town of Edwinton in 1872 by the Northern Pacific Railway to be...
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    1873-1877: Railroad Arrives, New Name, Panic!
    In the year following its founding, 1873 marked several major developments for the fledgling town… the first...
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    Fort Abraham Lincoln (Fort McKeen)
    Fort Abraham Lincoln (originally Fort McKeen) was a pioneer military fort located at the confluence of the Heart and...
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