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Timeline: 1970s

By | Last Modified: November 16, 2017
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  • Kirkwood Mall officially opens, with a Grand Opening in May
  • Kmart is first modern-day discount department store to open in Bismarck, and one of the first businesses to open along the State Street Corridor (October)
  • YMCA building opens
  • Village Inn Pizza opens at 434 S 3rd Street (now home to Applebees). Not to be confused with Village Inn Pancake House, which opens in 1972 at 405 S 7th Street.


  • Edward Wetsch and Jim Glatt purchase Kroll’s Kitchen
  • Village Inn Pancake House opens at 405 S 7th Street in December. Not to be confused with Village Inn Pizza, which opened at 434 S 3rd Street in 1971, it is the first Village Inn Pancake House to open in North Dakota. A second Village Inn Pancake House opens at 2240 N 12th in 1977. International Inn replaces both restaurants in 1986. Denny’s later replaces the south location in 1988.
  • Mr. Steak opens at 431 S 3rd Street. The site is later home to Jade Garden and Los Amigos. Today, it is home to CVS/pharmacy.


  • Set of one-ways is established in downtown Bismarck on Broadway Avenue and Thayer Avenue
  • First annual Downtowner’s Street Fair is held





  • $15 million expansion project begins at Kirkwood Mall. When completed in 1980, Kirkwood will double in size and add two additional anchors.
  • Major winter fire destroys several buildings in downtown Bismarck
  • Bismarck’s first Burger King opens, on South 3rd
  • Village Inn Pizza Parlor relocates
  • The first local Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor opens, just south of Kmart. A second location later opens in south Bismarck. Both are replaced by Pizza Factory in 1984.


  • Construction commences at Gateway Mall (June)
  • Downtown U.S. Bank Building completed
  • Fiesta Villa opens in Mandan (relocated to Bismarck in 1983)


  • Osco Drug is the first tenant to open at Gateway Mall (April), proceeding the mall’s official opening in September.
  • Last passenger train departs Bismarck when Amtrack discontinues local operations
  • King’s Food Host becomes The Woodhouse
  • Labelle’s opens a showroom in south Bismarck (later BEST Products)
  • Popeye’s Chicken opens at 1400 E Main Street in Mandan. Gramma’s Burgers of Mandan replaced Popeye’s by 1982, followed by Checker’s Bugget and Catering in 1988. The site is now home to Burger King. The fast food restaurant was opened by Glen and Delmar Grishkowsky, who later are initial partners in the first local Hardee’s, along with Kroll’s Kitchen owner Jim Glatt.
  • GP Warehouse is temporarily replaced by Sports Page Tavern, then by Front Page Tavern

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