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Scheels Sporting Goods

By | Last Modified: November 11, 2017
Scheels Sporting Goods at Kirkwood Mall
Kirkwood Mall Interior – Scheels Sporting Goods

Scheels is a regional sporting goods, hardware, and clothing retailer headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota.

Scheels opened its first Bismarck location at Arrowhead Plaza in 19731. A second Bismarck store opened at Kirkwood Mall in 1984. It was the company’s first 16th total location and its first “All Sports” location with a focus exclusively on sporting goods. Scheels maintained both locations until 1988, when Scheels sold its Arrowhead store.

Over the years, Scheels witnessed ongoing growth at Kirkwood up until enveloping most of the southwest wing by 2012. After expanding by an additional 40,000 square feet, it became the company’s largest single-floor store.

The first Scheels opened in Sabin, Minnesota as a hardware and general merchandise store in 1902. They eventually relocated to Fargo, where it remained a hardware store until expanding into sporting goods in 1954. The company recently opened the nation’s largest sporting goods store in Sparks, Nevada – which is slightly larger than its flagship store in Fargo.

1Some sources indicate that Scheels first opened its Bismarck location in 1965. Based on this, it is reasonable to assume that Scheels had a location prior to opening at Arrowhead Plaza, however this has not been confirmed and thus the 1973 date is used.


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