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Arrowhead Plaza Shopping Center

By | Last Modified: May 5, 2017
Arrowhead Plaza
Arrowhead Plaza

Arrowhead Plaza was Bismarck’s first shopping center and, by some counts, is the oldest shopping center in North Dakota. Developed by T. Clem Casey, the center officially opened on November 11, 1953.

Despite its smaller footprint and relatively low-traffic location at the heart of a residential neighborhood, Arrowhead has seen limited tenant turnover throughout the years, maintaining a strong position as a major shopping destination.

In 1960, Arrowhead expanded northward to its present 60,000 square feet footprint. The expansion brought with it a larger Dan’s Supermarket store, along with the additions of a dry cleaner, bank, and hardware store.

Since its 1960 expansion, the neighborhood shopping center has seen little change, other than exterior facelifts in 1981 and 2011.

Dan’s Supervalu (later Dan’s Supermarket) has anchored the center since its opening in 1953. Other notable long-term tenants include US Bank, Plaza Drug, Plaza Beer Depot, a Hallmark store, and The Walrus Restaurant.

Long-time tenant Ben Franklin Crafts closed in 2007. Up until its 2015 closure, Arrowhead Tesoro sat adjacent to Arrowhead Plaza for decades. It was the city’s last full-service gas station upon closing.

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