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Cash Wise Food & Drug

Image uploaded on November 13, 2010
Cash Wise Food & Drug

Opened in 1982 as Holiday Foods, the grocery division of Holiday Companies, Coborn’s later purchased the local store and rebranded it “Cash Wise.”

In the past couple years, it has underwent a minor facelift and expansion, which included the opening of its Little Dukes store-within-a-store concept – an attached convenience store and gas station. Its long-serving video store has also recently relocated to an adjacent strip mall.

Cash Wise is noted for providing limited service in exchange for what they claim are the lowest prices in town. Upon checking out, shoppers must take their purchased items to a bagging station near the checkouts.

Cash Wise is also the only remaining grocery store in Bismarck to feature a video rental store. Econofoods (now Dan’s) formerly had one, but it closed a few years ago.

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