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    Slaughter, Doctor Benjamin Franklin
    Doctor Benjamin Franklin Slaughter (1842-1896), who usually went by the nickname Ben or Frank, was the post...
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    Slaughter, Linda
    Linda Warfel Slaughter (1843-1911) was a pioneering women’s rights activist, school superintendent, journalist, historian, attorney, artist, and one...
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    Raymond Block (Gussner Block)
    The Raymond Block was a pioneer brick building located on southeast corner of Main Avenue and Third...
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    History of Bismarck Education
    Education has been an important consideration since the first days of Bismarck. Linda Slaughter, one of Bismarck’s...
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    1871-1872: Establishment
    Bismarck was founded as the town of Edwinton in 1872 by the Northern Pacific Railway at the...
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    1873-1877: Railroad Arrives, New Name, Panic!
    In the year following its founding, 1873 marked several key developments for the fledgling town… the first...
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    Fort Abraham Lincoln (Fort McKeen)
    Fort Abraham Lincoln (originally Fort McKeen) was a pioneer military fort located at the confluence of the Heart and...
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    W.B. Shaw
    W.B. Shaw was a pioneering merchant who operated what was likely Bismarck’s first retail store… Shaw &...
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    Shaw & Cathcart Co.
    The Shaw & Cathcart Co. was a pioneering dry goods and general store; likely Bismarck’s first retail store....
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    Camp Greene
    Camp Greene was a short-lived military and supply depot located at the mouth of the Little Heart...
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    1884-1898: Industry, Statehood, and Fire
    The next fifteen years reinvented Bismarck from an isolated frontier town into a dynamic modern city, fueled...
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    Camp Hancock Historic Site
    Camp Hancock is a historical site and museum operated by the State Historical Society of North Dakota....
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