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Mandan’s Strip Receiving New Traffic Light

The North Dakota Department of Transportation will soon be installing a new signal on Mandan’s Memorial Highway, known by most as the Mandan Strip, at the intersection of 40th Avenue SE. Currently, there are no traffic signals between 46th Avenue SE and Main Street… a distance of about 2 miles. The current signal at 46th Avenue is also expected to receive upgrades in 2016.

Historically, Memorial Highway was the only direct connection between Bismarck and Mandan by means of the Liberty Memorial Bridge. Since 1965, The Strip has shared this distinction with Interstate 94 and offers direct access to the Interstate and Bismarck Expressway. Numerous businesses from many different industries line the five-lane road with numerous access points.

With the rapid growth of both communities, the new traffic light is expected to increase safety on this well-travel road.

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