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$3.5 Million Getting Invested in Bismarck Parks

Hillside Aquatic Complex

The Bismarck Park Board has approved $3.5 million in improvements to the city’s park system. According to an article with KX News, the bulk of the funds will be targeted at Hillside Park, also known as Lions Park.

The pool at Hillside, which is more than 60 years-old, will see a significant upgrade as well as the skate park. The 24-year-old outdated water slide was already torn down in 2008. The park, which is among Bismarck’s largest, saw several other major improvements beginning in 2009, including parking improvements. 

Elsewhere, a new bike path will be constructed from Century Avenue to 43rd Avenue and the Municipal Ball Park, located off Washington Street and Sweet Avenue, will see a parking lot and grandstand renovations.

The improvements will be financed through multiple channels, including TIF funds, grants, and improvement district financing.

According to an October 2013 Bismarck Tribune article, the Board originally eyed a $5 million price tag for Hillside improvements, including enhancements that could make the facility available for year-round use.

Hillside Park is located just south of Boulevard Avenue and east of Sixteenth Street, across from Simle Middle School.

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